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Let's have a conversation. Allow me to find out how we can help you. Then, let me brief you an idea and we go from there.

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Cesar Alsina's GraphicBiz

GraphicBiz was founded in 1996 in the USA. Since then, the studio have created hundreds of solutions for businesses, from individual startups to small/medium sized companies,
just like yours.

Our current focus are on branding projects (identity, marks, logotypes), web properties (websites, web applications, online stores, blogs, social media), printing (advertising, packaging, POP, prints) and product photography,
starting with budgets from just $4,000.

See a few examples of my work below.

Your business online

Your website is your business open 24/7.

Your online presence must be a tool that brings value to your business when visited.

It's all about what you are trying to achieve. Using ideas, design and technology to reach the goals of your business, is my business.

Yes, you want to sell more to your current customers, and expand your clientele.
I will team up with you to:

  1. Iron your online strategy, aligning it with your business model,
  2. Put together a plan that will respond to both your goals and budget,
  3. Develop the online properties (website, social networks, blog, email newsletter, etc.), establish online metrics,
  4. Maintain the online properties (i.e. update content, post news, send newsletter, launch sales, etc.)

To achieve this, there are many recipes and ingredients available. Through conversation and evaluation, I will design the online presence that works for you.

Let's make your website.

Let's build it.It's a wild world out there, and it's on the Internet. Let's design a solution that enhances your business.


Yes, your business needs branding.

To make it recognizable, personable, desirable. It all started with your idea, your vision. Give it an unequivocal identity.

Branding is your color, your logo, and much more. We associate ourselves with brands, identify with colors, forms, sounds.

Let's fuel your business with branding.

Let’s jump start your branding.

We make it uncomplicated. Contact us today to start the conversation and learn about your vision.

Jump start now.

Printing that sells

Your prints. Make them superb.

To hold a print that compels people to buy. To look at prints that are friendly, that convice consumers to try.
You want that.

When she holds this packaging, she knows this is quality. When she tries the product at home, the brand becomes her favorite. She'll buy it again.

Thoughtful printing design communicates effectively and is reflected in your sales. Let's meet, let's make your prints effective.

Start today


Your products photographed as rockstars, ready for prime time.

Your photography must be powerful enough to entice people buy your products and services.

You need images that make costumers become fans of your product, images that compel them to buy.

Photography that makes your product look its best and show its benefits, adds value that reflects greatly in your profits.

We are industry experts in creating images through creativity, technique and computer enhancement.

Let's start a conversation. We're ready when you're ready.

Contact me today

Booking A Project

An easy guide to booking a project with César Alsina.

No time for reading? Contact me →, I'll reply back with my info and phone number. If you want me to call you, please include your phone number.

About this guide.

Actually, you don't need a guide to make a project with GraphicBiz. Creating stuff with me (and my team, when needed) is easy and enjoyable. I am down to Earth, goal oriented, and business concious.

This booking guide is an overview. In order to begin a project, business cards, logo, packaging or website, we need to talk, by phone or in person, to reach understanding and set things in motion.

I want the outcome of your project to be the best yet.

The best projects are yet to be created: I've teamed up with wonderful people and have created effective solutions that have fulfilled and exceeded the goals set. Still, every project is a new opportunity to use proven techniques, adapt to specific needs and goals, and create a better one.

Making it happen.

Upon contacting us, I will send you a welcome message, answer your questions, include an idea and send you my phone number. If you include your phone number, I will call you.

Moving along, I will make sure that your needs, expectations and goals are understood. The scope of the project will be detailed in writing: the budget, retainer, what you'll receive and estimated time of delivery.

Once project is begun, we will communicate with ideas, questions and answers, and you will receive drafts for approval. Unless otherwise required, we will avoid filling you up with technical and complicated development details.

Can I call you?

Well, of course! Let me know you are real, send me a message →

Cesar Alsina's GraphicBiz

Design and photography are my work, my career, my lifestyle. Are you interested in my work? Awesome! Message me using this online form →. Please, provide your phone number if you want me to call you.

I publish design, thoughts and photography on my blog →

No content on this site can be copied, saved, printed, distributed, modified, or otherwise published elsewhere without my express and written authorization.

All content is © 2015 Cesar Alsina.

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César on the Sand, image created by the über talented Michelle Tricca. Please, consider contacting her if you're seeking unique photography. She's available for travel!

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Cesar Alsina



Thanks for your interest in our solutions. Most likely, I will reply to your message within the day, unless I’m traveling out of the network.

If you rather send an email, go ahead, write to my personal address at [email protected]. Please, send me as much information as you wish to better serve you. I'm looking forward to meet you.

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